The only one of its kind in Finland, Premier Park is a unique driver training and conference centre in the Nordic countries. We can provide you with an innovative set of services and fantastic facilities. Please read more about Premier Park’s services below and ask for an offer. Or call us at: +358 50 575 0323







​Motivate, engage, improve!


Activities at Premier Park are based on a brand new concept of services. They consist of conference/meeting services and driver training. Your event at Premier Park can include either a meeting, driver training or be an efficient combination of both. Stylish and functional, the end result will be a unique event perfectly suited to your company´s needs. Most importantly a day at Premier Park will have a positive effect on every participant.

Endless possibilities and the right one for you

​Thanks to our service concept, Premier Park is perfectly suited to various relationship building activities. If you are looking for an inspiring venue for a sales meeting, a place to motivate your personnel, a venue for a product launch or memorable surroundings to host an event for key clients, Premier Park will fulfil your requirements. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Exciting event, strong commitment

​One of our key abilities is to bring immediate benefits to our customers business. Premier Park´s facilities, service and driver training are an experience that you can harness 100% to benefit your company. At Premier Park your message will reach its target group in an effective way and in suitable surroundings.

Perfect location

Premier Park is located in Porvoo, only a short drive from Helsinki (ca. 30 minutes from Helsinki Airport). Our versatile main building was completed in 2009. With a total space of 500 sqm it can accommodate up to 200 people. The space is easily adapted to suit various needs.

In addition to the conference facilities the main building has a sauna, a lounge and an exhibition room equipped with the modern AV equipment. All of these facilities can be adapted to suit your company’s needs.

Integral part of a training or conference day is enjoyable food. Our professional catering partner will help you to tailor the right menu for your event.

​Unforgettable meetings

The tracks designed specifically for driver training are what distinguish Premier Park from all other conference venues. Be it an all day conference or meeting for a couple of hours, you can add one of Premier Park’s useful driver training programs to your day.

Improve your personnel’s traffic safety with Premier Safety Driving training or decrease the environmental strain and your company’s transport costs with a Premier Eco Driving event. Or perhaps you want to offer your guest’s unforgettable moments on our Off-road course.

Whatever your choice may be, the end result is that everyone trained at Premier Park will be a better driver than before.


​Give your sales a boost!

​When you need to launch a new product or host a motivating sales training, head for Premier Park. An impressive venue which offers you secure and private surroundings that are easily modified to suit your needs. An important part of Premier Park’s operation is that all of our facilities, even the whole area, can be branded to suit your company’s needs.

​Product launches

​Premier Park is a perfect place for launching a new product or a service. You can choose a suitable space depending on the number of participants and even larger products can be displayed in style in our showroom.

​Even more boost from the track

​Sales and marketing events held at Premier Park are boosted even more by our driver training programs. Our professional trainers, with motorsport background, will teach you to become a better driver.


Cars are meant to be driven. This is why Premier Park is perfectly suited to host events for the automotive industry. An event held at Premier Park is in the heart of the matter at all times.


​We love cars


Premier Park is ideally suited to everyone in the automotive industry. Be it a launch of a new model, press or product training day, customer event or a dealer meeting, you can find the space and the right atmosphere at Premier Park.

​A unique experience


The finest driver training tracks and high quality conference facilities are a combination that you cannot get from anywhere else in the Nordic countries. We are ready to build a package to suit your needs. For example product training in the main building, lunch, driver training on the track and a sauna to finish off the day. It is possible to hire Premier Park for longer events as well and to brand the area to represent your company.

We have several good examples of successful events for the automotive industry and we would like to hear what your needs for events are. Events organised at Premier Park will motivate, promote and recharge your team with new energy.
Contact us and we’ll tell you more about the possibilities at Premier Park.



Premier Park’s service concept is perfectly suited for the media. Our versatile, closed track area is the best way to get an in depth impression of any car. Our additional services are designed to make even the longest day enjoyable.


​A test track next to the busiest business district in Finland


​Cars have always stirred great emotions in us Finns. There are an increasing number of different media that test and write about new car models and new trends in the automotive industry. Premier Park is a unique choice for the media to use and we are only a 30 minute drive away from Helsinki.

​A complete package

Premier Park provides perfectly suited private surroundings for media tests and test drives all year round. Our versatile track includes all the elements that bring out the features of a car. Our asphalt track is over 2 kilometres long, well illuminated and equipped with four low grip surfaces. In addition we have a forest track for Off-road testing.


As a whole Premier Park with its track area and conference facilities is ideal for any kind of photo shoot.

Be it a new angle for car testing or organising an event for the media, contact Premier Park. Let’s build you a suitable combination of our tracks and other services.



Experiences behind the steering wheel are an integral part of Premier Park’s service concept. With our driver training programs, hosted by our professional instructors, you can help to increase your clients’ or your personnel’s safety on the roads. Or you can decrease your company’s fuel costs and co2-emissions considerably. Every driver trained at Premier Park will leave as a more confident and better driver.


Premier Safety Driving (PSD)

Everything you need for safer driving!


Premier Safety Driving can be added as a part of any event held at Premier Park. Whatever the situation or the weather, PSD will make each participant a better driver. PSD includes an intensive theory lesson and personal driver coaching on the track by our professional instructors. The well illuminated track at Premier Park has four low grip surface areas for use all year round. Premier Safety Driving, like all of our driver training events, is suitable for everybody regardless of gender, age or experience.

Premier Eco Driving (PED)

Help to save the environment and at the same time reduce your company’s fuel costs.

Premier Eco driving is a practical and effective driver training event with immediate savings to you company’s fuel consumption. The event consists of a thorough theory lesson, personal driving style analysis and instructing in practise on the track. PED is suitable for everybody and you can see the results immediately. The end result is a more ecological, economical and smoother driving style that brings savings from every kilometre.

Premier Offroad (OFF)

Enjoy the thrills of off-road driving.

Premier Off-road is a new way to experience the capabilities of a modern off-road vehicle in a safe and controlled environment. The training starts with a theory lesson followed by driver training on our off-road track. Plenty of elevation changes, steep side slopes and wading pools are just some of the features on our 1,6 kilometre long off-road track.

Contact us and find out more how our driver training programs can benefit your company.


The main feature at Premier Park is our over 2 kilometres long, well illuminated asphalt track. Elevation changes, separate skid areas, irrigation system and our modern training fleet guarantee fantastic surroundings for effective driver training.


​Great experiences, increased safety

​The track at Premier Park is ready to receive your guests. You can complement your event by one of our driver training programs or we can tailor make an event based on your needs.

​Premier Park – Asphalt track
  • length 2,1 km

  • width 8-24 m

  • big elevation changes

  • extensive run-off areas

  • powerful track lighting

  • 4 skid areas for year round use

  • aquaplaning area

  • automatic irrigation system

  • track can be divided into separate zones

​Premier Park – Offroad track
  • length 1,6 km

  • elevation change of over 20 m

  • challenging obstacles for off-road practice

  • man made obstacle course and a separate forest trail

  • steep side slopes

  • wading pools


The most important part of a successful driver training is a professional and motivating instructor. Our instructing team here at Premier Park consists of professional instructors with international racing and training experience. With their personal coaching your driving skills will take a huge step forward and you will feel more confident behind the steering wheel whatever the situation.

Risto Virtanen – chief instructor

responsible for: Premier Safety Driving and Premier Eco Driving


After achieving Finland’s first ever world championship medal in karting, Risto’s long and successful career as a racing driver took him to the UK and Japan into Formula 3 and Formula 3000. After this Risto returned to the European tracks to compete in Touring and GT cars. Risto retired from racing in 2002 but is actively involved in advising young drivers, consulting racing teams and in holding examinations for the Finnish Motorsport Federation. Risto has acted as a motorsport commentator for Eurosport and Canal+ for many years. Since 2006 Risto has been the chief instructor at Oy Premier Events Ab.




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